UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.6.0 for JMeter released

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UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.6.0 for JMeter released

We’re proud to announce the release of major version 4.6.0 of our GWT performance testing plugin for Apache JMeter.

This plugin allows easy scripting of GWT RPC technology and performance testing at high scale using JMeter, the famous OSS Performance tool by Apache Software Foundation.

Support of Apache JMeter 5.3

We’ve added support for last version of Apache JMeter 5.3 which brings many enhancements, a nice new UI and continues to simplify the performance plugin process.

You can read more about its benefits here.

Support of GWT 2.9.0

  • We’ve added support for last version of GWT 2.9.0

Huge improvements in UX

We’ve listened to your requests and improved a lot the User Experience to provide smooth configuration steps.

Application Jars configuration

We’ve introduced a new Menu item that will setup all required jars and classes for your application, use Help > ULP:Collect JARs from application

Collect jars from application
Automatic Collection of jars from application WAR

Once done, you’re ready to start recording / replaying your test plan.

Read more here.

License management

License management has been simplified through a configuration screen on startup.

You don’t need anymore the scripting license file, we have unified the configuration.

Finally, when you’ll exceed your license’s max number of Threads, we’ll stop the Test instead of exiting JMeter.

Integration with JMeter-Plugins

Our plugin is now published to jmeter-plugins and installable through JMeter-Plugins-Manager.

UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin in Plugins-Manager

As a consequence, plugin is not available through Taurus by setting property:

detect-plugins: true

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