Ubik-Ingenierie contributions to JMeter eco-system

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Ubik-Ingenierie contributions to JMeter eco-system

Although we’ve been very actively contributing to JMeter since version 2.9 through many enhancement/bugfixes and with 2 big contributions:

  • The Dashboard report that was introduced in 3.0
  • The UbikLoadPack JSON Extractor that we donated to JMeter core

We’ve been very active lately in the Apache JMeter eco-system.

Let’s see some of those contributions:

  • We sponsored the development of the 7 last versions of JMeter-Maven-Plugin that allows to integrate JMeter in the build pipeline thanks to Maven.
  • We contributed 15 enhancements & bugfixes to JMeter 4.0:
    • Bug 61529 – Migration to Java 9. Partly contributed by Ubik Load Pack
    • Bug 61829 – JMS Point-to-Point: If Receive Queue is empty and a timeout is set, it is not taken into account
    • Bug 51140 – Response Assertion: add ability to set a specific error/failure message that is later shown in the Assertion Result
    • Bug 61802 – Loop / ForEach Controller should expose a variable for current iteration
    • Bug 61675 – If Controller: Use expression by default and add a warning when the other mode is used
    • Bug 61640 – JSR223 Test Elements: Enable by default caching
    • Bug 61770 – Module Controller: Inform user in UI that he needs to have at least one Controller in his plan
    • Bug 57760 – View Results Tree: Cookie Header is wrongly shown as empty (no cookies) when viewing a recorder Sample Result
    • Bug 61769 – View Results Tree: Use syntax highlighter in XPath Tester, JSON Path Tester and CSS/JQuery Tester
    • Bug 61758 – Apply to: field in Extractors, Assertions: When entering a value in JMeter Variable Name, the radio box JMeter Variable Name should be selected by default
    • Bug 61738 – Function Helper Dialog: Add Copy in Generate and clarify labels
    • Bug 61713 – Test Fragment has option to Change Controller and Insert Parent
    • Bug 61956 – Report Generation: -f of -forceDeleteResultFile option does not work
    • Bug 61899 – Report Generation: When jmeter.save.saveservice.print_field_names is false and sample_variables are set report generation fails
    • Bug 61962 – Latency Vs Request and Response Time Vs Request graphs do not exceed 1000 RPS
  • We contributed bugfixes and enhancements to JMeter-Plugins, among major enhancements:
    • Ability to use Groovy with Webdriver instead of Javascript for better performances
    • Export duration of Variable Throughput Timer and ensure cleaner stopping of test
    • Add maven information to plugins to simplify integration with Maven

Show Maven information


JMeter / Elasticsearch integration

Many of these enhancements were inspired by training sessions we gave and aim at simplifying the use of JMeter in DevOps world.

We’ll continue our efforts to make JMeter even better and enhance our UbikLoadPack solution to support more features that will make load testing easier and more accessible.


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