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What’s new in JMeter 5.2

Apache JMeter is one of the most popular load testing tools. It is free, Open Source and supported by The Apache Software Fundation (ASF).

The new version 5.2 which has been released early november 2019, comes with a lot of enhancements, in this video you’ll see a demonstration of those major features :

  • Bolt Protocol support for Neo4j (contributed by Graphaware)
  • Returning vs New User (contributed by UbikLoadPack)
  • JMESPath Assertion & Extractor for powerful JSON extraction and assertion (contributed by UbikLoadPack)
  • New __StringToFile function (contributed by UbikLoadPack)
  • XPath 2 Assertion (contributed by UbikLoadPack)
  • JDBC improvements (contributed by Franz Schwabb)
  • BackendListener with support for InfluxDB2 (Jakub Bednář)
  • Multiple enhancements and bug fixes contributed by Apache JMeter Team

This version also improves the development process thanks to:

  • Git Migration (by Vladimir Sitnikov)
  • Ant to Gradle migration (by Vladimir Sitnikov)
  • More Unit tests, cleanup… (by Graham Russell)

Demo of JMeter 5.2 new features

Demo of JMeter 5.2 new features

About the video presenter:

Philippe Mouawad is a developer, committer and member of the JMeter Project Management Committee at Apache.

He is also the co-author of the book

He currently works as an Architect and technical expert for Ubik-Ingenierie where he leads among other things the development of UbikLoadPack a set of Commercial Plugins for Apache JMeter allowing to load test different protocols like MPEG-DASH, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), HSS, HDS, GWT, JavaSerialization, Oracle applications.

About UbikLoadPack:

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