UbikLoadPack GWT plugin 4.5.2 for Apache JMeter released

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Live graphs with Grafana and InfluxDB Live graphs with Grafana and InfluxDB

UbikLoadPack GWT plugin 4.5.2 for Apache JMeter released

We’re happy to announce the release of our GWT plugin for Apache JMeter.

This release continues to improve GWTRPC applications Scripting and brings more productivity and better debugging.

Smarter class finder for XML transformation

Now the plugin is able to search in a whole hierarchy structure and inform you about duplicate jars containing same class.

You just need to point to the root folder and plugin will do the rest.

Support of Apache JMeter 4.0

The new version 4.0 of Apache JMeter was released few days ago with a bunch of new features that make scripting and load testing even more productive and UI much sexier:

ULP GWT PostProcessor

ULP GWT PostProcessor

Easier correlation:

ULP_GWT+XPath Renderer has been improved to allow searching into the response:



In the screen above, we’re searching where some ID is present and then we can test the XPath expression that will be used to extract the ID.

The GWT Renderer has also been improved to add search feature and ability to fold/unfold nodes :



Smarter recording:

We wanted our plugin to support this new great version and particularly the ability to name User transactions while recording, YES JMeter has a recorder and YES JMeter will group all requests under a Transaction Controller for better reporting and maintainability :



Live Graphs:

JMeter since version 3.X allows you to easily see live graphs of your load test with the 2 Reference Open Sources Grafana  InfluxDB.

This enables historization of results and easier correlation between Response Times / Errors and other monitoring metrics.

Live graphs with Grafana and InfluxDB

Live graphs with Grafana and InfluxDB

Up to date for better security:

JMeter 4.0 fixes 2 CVEs affecting distributed Testing only, if you use this feature, it is recommended to upgrade and ensure you use latest minor versions of JAVA 8 and JAVA 9:

If you would like to upgrade and you didn’t subscribe to our Extended Support which allows you to get updates of the plugin, contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

Usability Enhancements

In View Results Tree component, the 2 Gwt Renderers will now transform GWTRPC to XML even if Content-Type Header is not present. This is particularly useful when you want to mock a GWT RPC response.

Bug fixes

This release comes also with some bug fixes:

  • View Results Tree : Request view does not show a GWT request if URL contains parameters
  • During Recording with “on the fly” transformation from GWTRPC to XML or with wizard, plugin does not catch all exceptions related to missing classes.
  • Bad display and xml transformation of some GWT Responses
  • Function “__ulpGwtObjectToXml” can corrupt XML when converting a list

Cloud Ready

Our plugin can be used on Cloud providers like:

Try it:

So come and get a free trial version HERE.
Trial is free for 10 days.

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