Apache JMeter vs Neoload vs HP Load Runner

on 21 novembre 2017 CLOUD, CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION, DEVOPS, HP LoadRunner, JMETER, LOAD_TESTING, LOW COST, MicroFocus Load Runner, Neoload, PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTIVITY, TUNING and Étiquettes : , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

Apache JMeter vs Neoload vs HP Load Runner We see a lot of unfair or very old comparison between Apache JMeter and commercial alternatives. We felt it was time to write a fair comparison with links to features. We’ll be happy to take into account any remark regarding the other tools if you contact us […]

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Magento Performance Toolkit and JMeter Best Practices

on 2 novembre 2014 DEVOPS, ECOMMERCE, GROOVY, JMETER, JMETER-PLUGINS, LOAD_TESTING, PERFORMANCE, TUNING and Étiquettes : , , , , , , , , , , , with 2 comments

Magento Performance Toolkit I recently discovered that Magento Team provided a performance toolkit based on Apache JMeter: https://github.com/magento/magento-performance-toolkit It is a great initiative as performance of eCommerce websites is critical nowadays and bad performance can make your customers quit your website. I was curious to see how it was implemented so I grabbed the JMX […]

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JMeter Performance and Tuning Tips

on 22 juillet 2014 AJAX, JMETER, LOAD_TESTING, MEMORY, PERFORMANCE, PROFILING, TUNING and Étiquettes : , , , , with 4 comments

Context You want to make a Load Test that will use hundreds to thousands of Threads and you’ve read on so many blogs that : JMeter consumes a lot of memory… JMeter generates OutOfMemory… JMeter consumes a lot of CPU… JMeter can only cope with 100 threads and not much more… JMeter is fine for playing […]

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