UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.3.0 for Apache JMeter released

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UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.3.0 for Apache JMeter released

We’re happy to announce the release of the new version 4.3.0 of our UBIKLOADPACK GWT plugin for Apache JMeter with the following new features

UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.3.0 New features

Support for GWTRPC obfuscation

Plugin is now also able to handle obfuscated/elided types.

Missing classes now also detected during GWTRPC conversion to XML

When you convert a GWTRPC response to XML, the plugin now tells you which are the missing classes you need to add to JMeter “lib” folder. You can then open the Wizard “Find jars for missing classes” to search for the jar containing the missing class.

UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.3.0 missing classes

Support of Apache JMeter 3.1

You can use this version of the plugin with the great new Apache JMeter 3.1
For more details on all JMeter 3.1 features read JMeter 3.1 is out with great new features

GWT Supported versions

Plugin supports GWT versions from 1.5 to 2.8.0.

So try it ASAP by asking for a 10 days free trial here

Cloud Ready

Thanks to our partnership with Redline13 , the plugin is available from AWS cloud and ready to use in few clicks, read more:

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