Why you should upgrade to JMeter 5.0

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Grafana Report for jmeter and InfluxDB

Why you should upgrade to JMeter 5.0 Apache JMeter 5.0 has been released last week with many enhancements and new features. We’ll see in this blog what are the most notable features and the reasons why you should upgrade to version 5.0 ASAP. You’ll be more productive Recording your script in browser Yes JMeter has […]

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JMeter Performance and Tuning Tips

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Context You want to make a Load Test that will use hundreds to thousands of Threads and you’ve read on so many blogs that : JMeter consumes a lot of memory… JMeter generates OutOfMemory… JMeter consumes a lot of CPU… JMeter can only cope with 100 threads and not much more… JMeter is fine for playing […]

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