JMeter trainings by contributors and committers

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JMeter trainings by contributors and developers of the project

Ubik-Ingenierie delivers training courses on Load Testing with Apache JMeter:

  • Starter Pack (3/4 days): Crash course to start efficiently using JMeter and avoid beginners pitfalls
  • Expert Pack (4 days): Become a load test expert by mastering advanced JMeter features (Continuous integration, JMeter Maven Plugin, JMS, JDBC, JMeter Plugins, Cloud Load testing…)

These trainings are led by Load Testing experts who are Apache JMeter commiters or frequently use JMeter for their performance load tests. For more details on how we can help you, you can read this.

In case you don’t know us, we are one of the biggest contributor to JMeter core, plugins and community:


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