New book on JMeter : Master JMeter from Load Testing to DevOps

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New book on JMeter : Master JMeter from Load Testing to DevOps

Update on 28 december 2018:

We are proud that our book has been prefaced by Alexander Podelko.

We are also starting to get nice book reviews from experts in performance testing field.

Update on 1 august 2019:

We are proud that our book is now distributed by Packt if you’re looking for a printed version:


I am happy to announce that I co-authored a new book on JMeter with 2 other members of Apache JMeter Team:

  • Antonio Gomes Rodrigues is a Load Test and performance expert who uses JMeter intensively within his consulting missions and every day work, he is a committer and PMC member since April 2016
  • Bruno Demion (aka Milamber) is a Security and Performance expert who writes a famous french blog on JMeter, contributes as a developer and PMC Member to Apache JMeter since August 2010 and Apache Cloudstack

You can find this book at Master JMeter : From Load testing to Devops

Below its cover:

Master JMeter cover book


The book was started in early 2013 by Antonio and Bruno Demion (Milamber). I joined the adventure in July 2013.

We first published it in French in 2015. We continued updating it with every new version of JMeter up to 5.0.

A year ago, we started the version 2.0 of the book. This time, we decided to write in English to share with a bigger audience our knowledge of JMeter.

We followed a Lean approach to write the book. We currently use a private Git based bitbucket as a repository and Leanpub website as editor for the book.

This helped us write it by iterations until we found it good enough to release it. As of october 2018, we still have 2 installment in progress that we should complete very soon.

We hope you will like it.

The nice thing about this approach, is that it allows us to continuously update the book taking into account our readers feedback and new features of JMeter.

If you’re a future reader, you’ll automatically and freely receive those updates.

So please give us as much feedback as possible so that we continue improving the book.

Master JMeter : Book summary

We first deeply study the load testing process and approaches that you should follow to deliver realistic and useful load test campaigns.

We then explore the various protocols provided by the tool through examples taken from our professional experiences.

Throughout the chapters, you will discover the wealth of JMeter and learn to use it effectively and efficiently, this for example covers:

  • How to record application navigation which allows you to increase your productivity in writing your scripts,
  • How to correlate with JMeter and make your tests realistic and reusable across environments,
  • How to analyze, present your load test results and make your reports professional
  • ….

We try to put you on the right path to succeed in your load testing campaigns.

Finally we show how to integrate the tool into the DevOps toolchain and benefit from its rich eco-system to integrate new protocols, enhance its monitoring and leverage its power by using the Cloud.

We hope that with this book, Load Testing and JMeter will have no more secrets for you.

Discover the book by downloading the free sample chapter that shows how to be more productive using JMeter.

About the author:

  • Philippe Mouawad (aka Philippe M.) is a Performance and Load Testing expert who contributes as a developper and PMC Member of Apache JMeter since October 2011. He also leads the development of UbikLoadPack

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