Get even more productive at Load Testing GWT with UBIKLOADPACK 4.2.0

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Get even more productive at Load Testing GWT with UBIKLOADPACK GWT Plugin 4.2.0

We’re happy to announce the release of the new version 4.2.0 of our UBIKLOADPACK GWT plugin for Apache JMeter with the following new features

Increased productivity thanks to smarter wizards

GWTRPC to XML Wizard

If you convert GWTRPC to XML using the wizard and some conversions fail due to missing JARs, plugin will now immediately launch the JAR finder wizard.
This will increase your scripting productivity.

GWTRPC to XML Conversion Wizard

JAR Finder wizard

The wizard is now even smarter at finding the jars that contain missing classes needed for GWTRPC to XML conversion of requests/responses.

Support of Apache JMeter 3.0 (currently in RC2)

You can use this version of the plugin with the great new Apache JMeter 3.0
For more details on all JMeter 3.0 features read Change Log

Among the features that must be mentioned:

  • The new Search Feature in View Results Tree: Thanks to this feature your scripting will be drastically simplified thanks to the ability to search in recorded requests and responses. Correlation is now very easy.

JMeter 3.0 new search feature in View Results Tree

  • The new Reporting Feature (donated by UbikLoadPack) that will let you generate nice reports Out Of The Box either at the end of your load test or on any existing CSV results file from your previous tests. See this Sample Report

GWT Supported versions

Plugin supports GWT versions from 1.5 to 2.8.0.

So try it ASAP by asking for a 10 days free trial here

Cloud Ready

Thanks to our partnership with Redline13 , the plugin is available from AWS cloud and ready to use in few clicks, read more:

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