UBIKLOADPACK HTTP Live Streaming Plugin 2.0.0 for Apache JMeter is out with new sexy features

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UBIKLOADPACK HTTP Live Streaming Plugin 2.0.0 for Apache JMeter

We’re happy to announce the release of the new version 2.0.0 of our HTTP Live Streaming plugin for Apache JMeter with the following new features

Support of Microsoft AZURE CLOUD Live Stream URLs format:

Plugin now supports Microsoft AZURE HTTP Live Stream URLs like :

  • http://dadotestmediaservices.origin.mediaservices.windows.net/1fce0710-e293-4057-8a86-6cca2a67f16a/ConejoEnMP4-m3u8-aapl.ism/Manifest(format=m3u8-aapl)

Thanks to this new feature, you can use the plugin to test your streams delivered through AZURE Cloud, read more about this:

Support of Compressed Manifest files:

Plugin now supports GZIP / Deflate compressed Manifest files

New UX:

The plugin UI has been fully rewritten to make it more user friendly:



Bug fixes

  • Better handling of edgy error cases
  • Better detection of empty media files

So try it ASAP here. Trial is free and lasts 10 days.

Cloud Ready

Thanks to our partnership with Redline13 , the plugin is available from AWS cloud and ready to use in few clicks, read more:

About us: