Load Testing Apache and Adobe Flex with JMeter made easy

Context: You want to load test a Adobe or Apache Flex application that uses AMF protocol to dialog with a BlazeDS Backend server (Majority of Flex applications do). You would like to use your favorite Open Source Load Testing tool Apache JMeter for this, but unfortunately AMF protocol is binary making it impossible to: Variabilize request Extract data from responses Failing to do this will make your test unrealistic and useless. Hopefully Ubik Load Pack comes to the rescue. Features: Our Read more [...]

Automatically generating nice graphs at end of your Load Test with Apache JMeter and JMeter-Plugins

Context You are using Apache JMeter for your Load Tests. Once test has ended, you would like your favorite tool to automatically generate for you nice and meaningful graphs so that you can faster analyze your test results and include them in your report. Apache JMeter is great in many ways but its core lacks this built-in feature, but it's plugin Architecture will let us add it easily. Hopefully a great must have Open Source and free third-party library called JMeter-Plugins comes to the Read more [...]

Boost your productivity load testing GWT-RPC based applications with GWT Plugin 3.0.0 for JMeter by UBIK LOAD PACK

Boost your productivity load testing GWT-RPC based applications with Ubik Load Pack plugin for JMeter In our previous blog entry we showed you how to Load Test GWT-RPC based application with  Apache JMeter (the Open Source reference for Load Testing) using Ubik Load Pack. JMeter 2.10 has been released few days ago with many nice features. Besides being compatible with this new version of JMeter, we wanted to bring new sexy features to our solution to make scripting GWT-RPC based application Read more [...]