Why Apache JMeter and Ubik Load Pack is your best load testing tool option

Read in this blog why choosing Apache JMeter + Ubik Load Pack is your best choice for your new Load Testing Solution. First some key benefits of choosing Apache JMeter: 1/ JMeter is becoming a de facto standard nowadays for load testing and the number of companies offering services around it is increasing, to mention a few: - Blazemeter Ltd - Flood.IO - AppVance - LoadFocus - Loadosophia - JAnalyser ... This avoids vendor lock-in issue that you can face with other commercial solutions. You Read more [...]

JMeter Performance and Tuning Tips

    Context You want to make a Load Test that will use hundreds to thousands of Threads and you've read on so many blogs that : JMeter consumes a lot of memory... JMeter generates OutOfMemory... JMeter consumes a lot of CPU... JMeter can only cope with 100 threads and not much more... JMeter is fine for playing but once it becomes serious use another tool :-) ... This has become a kind of "Urban Legend" partly due: to issues that have been fixed for Read more [...]

Load Testing Apache and Adobe Flex with JMeter made easy

Context: You want to load test a Adobe or Apache Flex application that uses AMF protocol to dialog with a BlazeDS Backend server (Majority of Flex applications do). You would like to use your favorite Open Source Load Testing tool Apache JMeter for this, but unfortunately AMF protocol is binary making it impossible to: Variabilize request Extract data from responses Failing to do this will make your test unrealistic and useless. Hopefully Ubik Load Pack comes to the rescue. Features: Our Read more [...]