UbikLoadPack Video Streaming Plugin 7.0.0

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We’re proud to announce the release of version 7.0.0 of our performance testing tool for Video Streaming (HLS, MPEG-DASH, HSS, HDS).

We’ll see in this blog what new features this release brings.

Video Streaming Plugin 7.0.0 – New features description

More readable and detailed reporting

Sample results are now reported by types (Manifest/Chunks) and content (Video/Audio/Subtitles).

Video Streaming Plugin 7.0.0 Sample results are now reported by types (Manifest/Chunks) and content (Video/Audio/Subtitles).

This makes the JMeter default report much more meaningful providing:

  • An overview of each type’s response time with configurable percentiles (default to 3 percentiles 90, 95 and 99) as long as their error percentage, network traffic, number of calls
  • Response times across time for each type
  • Repartition of response times

Video Streaming Plugin 7.0.0 response time

Live Metrics

With this 7.0 of Video Streaming Plugin release, the sample results are delivered as soon as they are available. It gives a better readability of the test’s progress and integrates better with PAAS Providers and tools like Taurus for CI/CD.

Another change is that the VideoStreamingSampleResult that provided the metrics at the end of the test is now returned periodically during the whole length of the test. The frequency at which this sample result is returned can be set in the UI by changing the field “VideoStreamingSampleResult Frequency”. Its default value is 60s.

Video Streaming Plugin 7.0.0

Meaningful metrics and custom graphs

In this release, the custom metrics also have been modified. We have added the lag ratio without the buffer fill time.

This new metric is brought along a custom graph which represent the lag ratio without the buffer fill time over time.

Some custom graphs that previously existed have been removed as they were not necessary anymore as the renaming of the sample result made them redundant with the graphs already available.


The Video Streaming Plugin 7.0.0 supports new tag from the DASH manifest :

  • <Role> tag in the <AdaptationSet> tag. This allows the plugin to determine whether the track is default or not
<Role schemeIdUri="urn:mpeg:dash:role:2011" value="main" />
  • Attribute “suggestedPresentationDelay” of the <MPD> tag. It makes a better handling of live DASH stream.

We remind you that the plugin is available to download on JMeter Plugins

About UbikLoadPack :

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