UBIK LOAD PACK make complex protocols easy to test with Apache JMeter.

It offers the following plugins:

  • FLEX/AIR Plugin to load test Flex/Air Mobile technologies
  • GWT RPC Plugin to load test GWT technology
  • JAVA Serialization Plugin to load Test Java Applets, Spring Remoting based applications or Swing Based applications using Java Serialization format
  • JSON Plugin to improve testing productivity when creating Test Plan for JSON based websites or Mobile sites
  • Performance Plugin to Load Test efficiently thousands of Users in distributed mode

Through their many Load Test experiences, our engineers (Active JMeter contributors) have built a packaged solution around Apache JMeter to improve productivity and provide plugins for Protocols that are not available Out Of The Box in core JMeter.

Thanks to our tool, you can reuse and build upon your JMeter skills and leverage your productivity with a precious toolset.

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