UbikLoadPack Video Streaming Plugin 9.1.5

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We are proud to announce the release of the version 9.1.5 of our performance testing tool for Video Streaming servers (HLS, MPEG-DASH, HSS, HDS).

We will see in this blog the release notes of this version

Update License tracking

UbikLoadPack license format has changed, if you have an old license format (before April 1st, 2024), it is important to upgrade to this version and request a new license file from our support.

Actual live offset is now in Milliseconds

This metric which was previously a number of chunks, has been changed to be a number of milliseconds.

If you manually configure properties, you’ll need to update the following ones :

jmeter.reportgenerator.graph.custom_ulp_actual_live_offset.title=Actual Live Offset (Distance from Live)
jmeter.reportgenerator.graph.custom_ulp_actual_live_offset.property.set_Y_Axis=Duration in ms
jmeter.reportgenerator.graph.custom_ulp_actual_live_offset.property.set_X_Axis=Elapsed Time (granularity\: ${ULP.overall_granularity_sec}s)

Bug fixes

  • Dash : URI formation for time sync using the UTCTimingElement is incorrect if no BaseURL is present

  • VOD : Keep Init segment if offset is used

Java version

Note that this version now requires Java >=11 and supports LTS versions :

  • Java 11
  • Java 17
  • Java 21

About UbikLoadPack :

Ubik Load Pack Streaming Solution features

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