Why Apache JMeter and Ubik Load Pack is your best load testing tool option

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Why Apache JMeter and Ubik Load Pack is your best load testing tool option ?

Read in this blog why choosing Apache JMeter + Ubik Load Pack is your best choice for your new Load Testing Solution.

First some key benefits of choosing Apache JMeter:

1/ JMeter is becoming a de facto standard nowadays for load testing and the number of companies offering services around it is increasing, to mention a few:
This avoids vendor lock-in issue that you can face with other commercial solutions.
You can for example choose between at least 3 providers for Cloud based load tests or do it yourself, same thing for enhanced reporting.
2/ JMeter is provided by Apache foundation, it secures its future, guarantees its quality and independance towards vendors

3/ JMeter is ready for Continuous Integration which is a major request nowadays. You can easily run it from Maven and Jenkins.

4/ JMeter is very easy to customize or extend using many languages (javascript, java,jexl..) but particularly through Groovy (jsr223) a very simple yet powerful and popular dynamic language of the JVM.
The lack of “open” API is one of the major weakness of other “Commercial” solutions whenever you need to tweak some behaviour of the tool which always happens in the Load Testing field.
5/ Users productivity keeps increasing with JMeter recent versions, see our previous blogs to discover them. And it offers the Test Script Recorder which allows easy recording of application, our solution seemlessly integrates with it. This creates 80 to 90% of your script, the rest being variabilization and tweaking

6/ JMeter is very popular and its popularity is increasing these days with the huge benefit that you can easily find tutorials, blogs, trainings and resources in the market.

Now for Ubik Load pack benefits:

1/ It seems obvious but let’s say it again, when selecting our solution you don’t pay the protocols provided by core JMeter (while you do with all other commercial tools). Why pay for Http protocol when JMeter works as fine if not better than any other commercial tool in this field ?
2/ Our plugins follow the philosophy of JMeter, which means a user who knows JMeter will know how to use our plugin with nearly 0 training, read for example these Success stories


It is true that the learning curve for JMeter is maybe a bit higher than some commercial tools, but it is worth the effort as once you know it its extensibility makes it more powerful than lockedin black boxes. And hopefully the increasing number of tutorials, videos, trainings makes it much simpler nowadays.

Still if you need help in this field, we offer training sessions for all levels of users from beginners to experts.

3/ You can use the standard JMeter Test Script Recorder to record the protocols we provide since our plugins are fully compatible with it
4/ Our plugins are fully compatible with Standard JMeter distribution, you can upgrade JMeter and keep using our plugins.
You can also add third party plugins like JMeter-Plugins or any other plugin
5/Our Extended Support is done by experts highly involved in JMeter development and support:
– Our Development Team leader Philippe M. is a member of JMeter PMC and one of the most active commiters, see Philippe M. profile on OpenHub
– Support members have a huge knowledge of JMeter , see Top Answerers on JMeter tag on Stackoverflow
6/ Our support is a contributor to JMeter development through patches, see Thanks section on JMeter changes
7/Our Extended support is of level 3, so you won’t loose time with intermediate levels and as a consequence get the fastest possible help
8/ Extended support cost does not depend on the number of Virtual Users
Finally, if you want a missing feature in Apache JMeter, sponsor its development by Ubik Load Pack team and we can assist you contributing it to core Apache JMeter

So try it ASAP by asking for a 10 days free trial here

Cloud Ready

Thanks to our partnership with Redline13 , our solution is available on AWS cloud and ready to use in few clicks, read more:

About us:

About author:

Philippe Mouawad works as an Architect and technical expert for Ubik-Ingenierie where he leads among other things the development of UbikLoadPack a set of Commercial Plugins for Apache JMeter allowing to load test different protocols like HLS, GWT, Flex.
Philippe is a committer on the Apache JMeter project and member of the PMC since October 2011.
Finally he is a co-author of a french book on JMeter called Maîriser JMeter: Du test de charge à Devops.


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