Release of UbikLoadPack Video Streaming Plugin 6.5.0

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We’re proud to announce the release of version 6.5.0 of our performance testing tool for Video Streaming.

Play Subtitles

This release now makes it possible to play the subtitles alongside the video and the audio.

By choosing to play subtitles the plugin will have the same behavior as for the audio :

  • For HLS streams, the plugin will first download the default media playlist associated to subtitles and then the segments declared inside
  • For MPEG-DASH and HSS (Smooth) the plugin will download the segments

This release also brings many improvements to the different supported protocols:


We’ve added support for last version of HLS specification (performance related features):

  • EXT-X-GAP : You can now test HLS manifests with gaps inside them
  • EXT-X-DEFINE : You can test HLS manifests that use variable substitution
  • EXT-X-SESSION-DATA : We have added the possibility to test the download of the JSON file containing the meta-data of the media. (HLS Chapter for example)

We’ve also added support for important HLS tags:

  • EXT-X-START : The plugin now support the EXT-X-START tag


  • We’ve added support for streams with multiple AdaptationSet per type
  • We also now support Replay-TV
  • We’ve completed support for all timing schemas for UTC

HSS (Smooth):

  • We’ve added support for manifests with overlap and added Replay TV Support


Finally we’ve simplified installation of plugin through automatic configuration of reporting

We have also improved license control, plugin will not exit JMeter anymore (as explained in trial mail and as mentioned in logs and console output). Instead it will abort your test and inform you about violation.

JMeter-plugins Manager

Our plugin is also available on JMeter-plugins Manager, go check it out.

About UbikLoadPack :

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