UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.6.0 for JMeter released

on 29 May Automation, CI, CLOUD, CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION, DEVOPS, GWT, JMETER, JMETER-PLUGINS, LOAD_TESTING, LOW COST, Neoload, Neoload Alternative, PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTIVITY and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments

UbikLoadPack GWT Plugin 4.6.0 for JMeter released We’re proud to announce the release of major version 4.6.0 of our GWT performance testing plugin for Apache JMeter. This plugin allows easy scripting of GWT RPC technology and performance testing at high scale using JMeter, the famous OSS Performance tool by Apache Software Foundation. Support of Apache […]

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on 29 May AJAX, Automation, AZURE, CI, CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION, DEVOPS, GWT, HP LoadRunner, JMETER, JMETER-PLUGINS, LOAD_TESTING, MAVEN, MicroFocus Load Runner, monitoring, Neoload, Neoload Alternative, PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTIVITY, TUNING and Tags: , , , , , , , with 0 comments

Overview Plugin which provides the ability to easily load test GWT based applications using Apache JMeter. It provides the following features: Record and transform GWTRPC requests to XML Out of the box transformation of requests from XML back to GWTRPC On-demand transformation of responses from GWTRPC to XML for optional extraction On demand transformation of […]

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Running a Video Streaming Performance Test using and UbikLoadPack

on 28 May Apple HTTP Live Streaming, AWS, AZURE, CLOUD, DEVOPS, HLS, JMETER, JMETER-PLUGINS, LOAD_TESTING, LoadRunner alternative, Microsoft-Smooth, Neoload Alternative, OTT, PRODUCTIVITY, TUNING, VIDEO and Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

This blog shows how to ensure performance of your streaming server or OTT platform with a load test using Flood.IO and UbikLoadPack Video Streaming plugin for JMeter

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What’s new in JMeter 5.2

on 29 October Automation, CI, CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION, DEVOPS, JMETER, JMETER-PLUGINS, JSON, LOAD_TESTING, LOW COST, Neoload Alternative and Tags: , , with 0 comments

In this blog and demo, you’ll discover major new features of version 5.2 of Apache JMeter. It is presented by one of its main developers and contributors.

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Get MAC address of a machine

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If you look at wikipedia definition, a media access control address (MAC address) of a device is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller (NIC) for communications at the data link layer of a network segment. A machine can have multiple MAC addresses, but each NIC as only one MAC address. Packets that […]

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Why you should upgrade to JMeter 5.0

on 1 October Automation, DEVOPS, JMETER, LOW COST, PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTIVITY, PROFILING and Tags: , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments
Grafana Report for jmeter and InfluxDB

Why you should upgrade to JMeter 5.0 Apache JMeter 5.0 has been released last week with many enhancements and new features. We’ll see in this blog what are the most notable features and the reasons why you should upgrade to version 5.0 ASAP. You’ll be more productive Recording your script in browser Yes JMeter has […]

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