Extract JSON content efficiently with JMeter using JSON PATH syntax with UBIK-LOAD-PACK

on 28 January 2013 AJAX, JMETER, JSON, LOAD_TESTING, PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTIVITY and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments

Context: Edit : 9th november 2014: Read up to date using last version of our plugin here.   You use JMeter and want to test an application that massively uses JSON data as exchange format. JSON has become a de-facto standard nowadays and is used often: To return data through Ajax Calls within dynamic websites […]

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JMeter : SwitchControler or How to run a sampler with a certain percentage

on 30 December 2012 GROOVY, JMETER, LOAD_TESTING, PERFORMANCE and Tags: , , , with 1 comment

Context: you want to run different parts of a Test plan a different rate you want to be sure one and only one of the samples occur thus you cannot use ThroughputController as you don’t have the guarantee that your sample will run Example: You want to run 4 types of searches: Search by Last […]

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